How can you grow your video production business

Nov 2, 2023

There's a certain satisfaction about doing things you. As an example, it could be very satisfying to get a new vehicle, relocate to the new house, or start a company independently. But, even though some prefer a more private approach to self-starting but when it comes to film and video, working in an enclave of one could be an overwhelming job.

We had a conversation with one of these directors --- Ibrahim Zafar from Lens End Media -- about his own personal experience of turning his passion into a career, and transforming his solo operation into an agile, tight-knit team capable of tackling every video-related project.

If you're looking to expand your video production company and accept more ambitious (and more lucrative!) brand video and film projects, take Zafar's lead. Let's look into some of his experience and discuss tips and guidelines for growing your video production company.

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 Taking the first step

For many professionals in film and video it is difficult to break into the industry. However, Zafar recommends starting small and slowly. While there may be production companies out there that start big, the majority of them are small-scale and grow as demand increases. For Zafar managing the beginning days of his career included the roles of a producer director, shooter and an editor of various assignments and responsibilities required to pitch, create and deliver a project as a true army-of-one turnkey production company.

Then, his vision for his own company fully transitioned from his'army-of-one' that was a firm in which he donned all hats -- to be more of a CEO and film director with a team of talented filmmakers to his side.

If asked how other people can benefit from his experiences as they look for ways to develop their own brands and brands, his advice really came down to adding value.

"Doing everything from beginning until the end was my preferred way of working, so having people participate in the process was foreign to me. It's been natural for us to need more assistance since we've grown. I think is the proper way to handle transitioning from a solo director to an organization."   Ibrahim Zafar

 Turn your hobby into your career

One element of Zafar's career which is awe-inspiring is the fact that he was able to transition into it from another career path altogether.

"I was working in consulting prior to that, and traveling to different nations for a major business. When I had time off, I'd go out and shoot videos for entertainment and to film internationally "day-in-the-life" content. It was then that I discovered my passion for photography, and let's just say, things grew from there," Zahar said.

For Zafar videography, it was an obsession and pastime that he pursued at a leisurely pace as he learned how and honed his style and capabilities. In the direction of his wife, Zafar confesses that he took the plunge to work full-time and pursue his dream career shortly after getting married.

This has been a journey that's had many challenges, however Zafar's change in career coincided with the COVID-19. However, there was an upside to beginning a new career in the midst of a deadly disease -- Zafar finally had enough downtime to fully focus on his new clients and the needs of them.

 Be aware of when you should solicit help

At first, Zafar only needed to trust himself with everything that was required of him from customers. For those with the same mindset the process can prove quite effective (and rewarding) taking the reigns in each phase of a production from the beginning- to post.

But, Zafar admits he needed to bring in some extra assistance here and there in order to ensure he was on top of his work.

"I knew that I had to grow the company, but there was just so lots of work to be done in the stage of managing clients as well as the setting stage, the bringing in revenues stage, building your brand and managing the social media platform, so my days were spread pretty thin trying to handle everything simultaneously."   Ibrahim Zafar

 3 steps to start growing your video production company

1. Take care when you create your videos marketing tools

For many professional film and video makers It can be difficult to get into the business -- so start small and grow organically. Though there might be some production companies out there who have instant or award-winning success, the majority originate from humble beginnings and expand as demand increases.

In the beginning and your strategy for marketing has to reflect that too. You need a certain attitude and determination to manage the mindset of an army-of-one for success early on.

"Doing everything from start to finish was my main method of work, therefore including people in the process was foreign to me. We've naturally needed more help as we've grown, which I consider to be the right method to transition from an individual director to an organization."    Ibrahim Zafar

2. Make your passion for filmmaking into a video advertising business

It's not uncommon to have multiple revenue streams in today's economy. Indeed, 39% of adult citizens within the U.S. own an extra job. If you're already shooting and making videos for enjoyment, it's possible to turn it into a recording and marketing video-related business.

Other kinds of videos that are worth adding to your product and format list -- depending on the level of your expertise- include:

  • Explainer videos
  • Animated videos and/or 3D animation
  • Interactive video
  • Live-action films
  • Corporate video and commercial videos production
  • Documentaries and videos for non-profit organizations
  • Motion graphics

3. Discover how to plan your production and reduce costs.

As you transition from an army-of-one to a leadership role to your team's young members You'll have to move away from strictly focusing on the videography. Instead, turn your gaze at cost management, production, and company development.

If you are looking to focus on budgeting and cost reduction it may require sacrificing yourself a less salary in the initial few years as your business grows.

 Tips to scale your video production company

If you're seeking cost-saving strategies and strategies to grow your production firm, AI tools and automation are the best choice.

Writer's block can be eliminated using an AI software for script writing

You can save time using an e-prompter

After you have your script written and your camera crew can make use of it when preparing. If you're just starting a video production company it is possible that you don't have access to seasoned on-air presenters. When you're trying to put yourself on film or working with someone who doesn't have confidence in the anchors of news onscreen Teleprompters can be used as a very helpful tool.

Simple the process by using text-based video editing

lets users edit high-quality videos as easily as they edit the text of a document. This text-based editing software comes with an integrated search feature that allows users to locate cuts and videos quickly. It also helps users bulk-delete empty words as well as longer interspersed pauses.

 Bring value to your own style

If you want a career as Ibrahim Zafar's did, consider taking his advice to heart and be aware of the advantages the video production company could give you.

Ultimately, you'll demonstrate the true value and full value of your work in the future therefore, work smarter not harder, until you can charge fees that allow you to take the next step.

  First made available on the 20th of December 20, 2021. It was updated on August 17, 2023